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Tommy Tums vs. Luke Bell :iconbowen13:bowen13 0 7
Tommy Tums vs. Dex Bazillion
                                                 World 2.1: The Light House
Contestant: Tommy Tums
Time: Late Morning, Day 3
Location: Area C-1, the Lighthouse
   Tommy didn't remember waking up, and he didn't know where he was. Except for a glow coming from a digital clock, there wasn't much light in the room, but it felt like he was in a bed. He could smell salt and must and hear waves crashing outside. But all he could see in that pitch dark were Jackson's eyes, staring at him, accusing him. He could see Jackson's mouth, dribbling swamp water and black fluid, frozen in a silent scream that threatened to deafen Tommy.
   He had never really believed it was a dream, it was far too real. But for a while, he had hope
:iconbowen13:bowen13 0 5
Tommy Tums vs. Jackson Meadows
                                                             World 1.1: The Marsh
Contestant: Jackson Meadows
Time: After Sunset, Day 1
Location: Area B-2, the Marshlands
   A lazy breeze caused Jackson's branch to sway, the ropes securing him into the tree groaning softly in protest. Someone had left their bag hanging from a branch down below, and Jackson figured they'd come back for it. All he had to do was sit in the lower branches and wait for them to come back. Bang, splash, easy kill. He'd resisted the temptation to open the bag lest he tip off the owner to his presence, but if no one came for it by morning, it was his. He thumbed a shell into his shotgun. A sixteen
:iconbowen13:bowen13 0 1
Tommy Tums Intro
                                                           DABR: Year 1   
   They said it was a field trip. Bring a lunch, some stuff from home, a sleeping bag to stay the night. Bump, bump, bump, the school bus limped down the dirt road. Tommy had his earbuds shoved firmly into both ears, drowning out the sound of the other kids on the bus. Sometimes he wondered what was wrong with his class, that it seemed to contain every freak, weirdo, and psychopath in town. A small voice in his head berated him for such thoughts, and he felt a bit bad until he heard one of the girls (or was it a boy?) scream something about pillaging. They were all so excited to go to… wh
:iconbowen13:bowen13 0 3
DABR Entry: Tommy Tums
Name: Tommy "Tom Thumb" Tums
Age: 16
Height: 6'
Weight: 260
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair Color: Dirty blond
Eye Color: Brown
Player Type: Gentle Giant
Outfit: The only XXL uniform the school had on stock
Items in bag:
- Prescription sunglasses in case
- 2 Comic books
- Picture of him and his mother
- Cell phone
- Portable Game system w/headphones
   Tommy H. Tums was one of those kids that when people said, "Wow, you don't look 16!" would just mumble "thanks" and smile. He'd lost count of all the times someone mistook him for a college student. He only got the nickname "Tom Thumb" because the part of the brain that tells children ironic nicknames aren't witty doesn't fully develop until their mid-20s.
   Because of his size, Tom's mother made sure he grew up to be a gentle boy. Unfortunately, this made him the slow, easy going whale that the smaller, meaner sharks liked to make a meal of. The bullying was comparatively mild, but Tom still cried about
:iconbowen13:bowen13 0 14
Chains of my Soul
             Chains of my Soul
The veins that run beneath my skin
Are the chains that bind my mind;
Chemicals rush along their length,
And drive me mad to sate their hunger.
This thing called flesh, this soft, weak clay
Has somehow become my master.
My eyes turn in the directions it desires;
My body moves to its perverted rhythm.
And I am helpless to resist.
The home of my soul has become a prison,
A place of poison and death.
There may be things so sacred that evil cannot destroy,
But there is nothing so sacred that evil cannot corrupt.
And all that was once pure has rotted and festered;
From their bodies my tormenter draws strength.
Can this be fate?
Is God so cruel as to abandon man
To the torments of himself?
Is there nothing set aside for me
Except for suffering?
Fate is not that which guides men;
It is that which kills him,
Traps him in stagnation and rot.
Only when you break the chains of fate,
Tear free f
:iconbowen13:bowen13 1 0
The World
The World
Everything that was pure is now corrupted,
Everything that was gold is now dust.
All that I once loved has left me,
And all my happiness is crushed.
:iconbowen13:bowen13 1 0
The Lost
        The Lost
My name is only Sinner,
And death is my just pay;
But still my blind eyes search for
A light to lead my way.
But when I dare to find it,
My feet refuse to move!
In sorrow, I finally realize,
I'd always meant to lose.
:iconbowen13:bowen13 0 0
Can that which is corrupted
Ever be made whole?
Can one who signed The Contract
Ever regain their soul?
I ask not because I want to;
I ask because I must,
For I am just a hollow man,
A withered, empty husk.
:iconbowen13:bowen13 0 2
Between Two Worlds
               Between Two Worlds
To my right, a black sky cast a sickly haze upon the mountains,
Lightning illuminating jagged peaks.
To my left, the beautiful pastels of the setting sun
Painted a masterpiece across the clouds.
These two worlds, so apart and unalike
Were joined by a sky of grey.
And there I walked, somewhere inbetween,
On the path who's only comfort
Was that it was mine.
:iconbowen13:bowen13 0 0
Guardian of the Wall
Guardian of the Wall
Once I walked in darkness,
And the night tore at me and hated me,
For once I was a creature of the light.
T'was so long ago, I can scarcely remember
The warmth of the sun, and now
Even the bitter cold of midnight is fading.
It was some time ago, perhaps eons, that I,
Stumbling in the darkness,
Found this wall that has become my home.
My fellow dwellers of darkness
Often scale this wall, only to fall into the
Nothingness that lay beyond.
I am the only one who has not fallen,
And I remain perched, safe on my six inch haven
With darkness at my back and
Oblivion before me.
I stare into that void, the ultimate end of both
The light and the dark.
There is no creature that can look at this emptiness:
Not that of light,
Not that of darkness,
Nor even the beings of twilight and dawn.
No creature but me.
My duty has now become that of guardian;
I am to watch, forever watch this bottomless pit.
Though it may frighten me, I can never escape it.
Though it may tempt me, I can ne
:iconbowen13:bowen13 0 3
   "Sometimes, when I'm alone… when all I can hear is the noise, the constant noise… I curl into a ball and let it wash over me. I picture it like a river in my mind, made up of jumbled notes and sounds. I let it rush around me, and I feel it trying to pull me along, as if I have no control. But the worst part is when it isn't noise. Noise I can handle, but the silence…it's like a tsunami, and it's so heavy that I can't get up. I can't fight it, I can't change it, I can't do anything. I feel so alone."
   "If you can't fight it… why not float above it?"
:iconbowen13:bowen13 0 1
In the eye of love, we met,
But now, that eye has turned away.
Left us broken, stained, and sullied,
Left with debts we can't repay.
Is love a trap, to love and lose
And live with pain, regret?
From womb to tomb, must we be
Slaves to love, pain, life, and death?
I cannot, now, see beyond
The stain left on the veil of time,
But, perhaps, one day I will,
When once again I call you mine.
:iconbowen13:bowen13 1 0
At the Altar
               At the Altar
At the altar of Lust, I am violated.
At the altar of Gluttony, I am consumed.
At the altar of Greed, I am robbed.
At the altar of Sloth, I am neglected.
At the altar of Wrath, I am beaten.
At the altar of Envy, I am resented.
At the altar of Pride, I am forgotten.
At the altar of the Lord, I am loved.
:iconbowen13:bowen13 2 26
I'm Not Myself Today
    I'm Not Myself Today
I'm not me, I'm not me,
I'm someone I don't want to be;
My mind's so clouded I can't see…
Save me from this insanity!
Insanity, Insanity,
Would be the most gracious reprise
From the staring of my eyes
In the mirror, judging me
For all my mindless revelry
That lost my blessed innocence
And left me with ambivalence!
How I curse the day I fell
From heaven's grace; what wretched bell
Must have wrung for my lost wings,
As I fell to earth with silent screams?
Down and down and down I cried
Until it seemed my soul had died
And left me as an empty shell;
There can be no more hateful hell.
:iconbowen13:bowen13 0 6
Like water rushing through my fingers
All I do ne'er stops or lingers
And if all that I do is dust,
Why do I try? I feel I must.
I feel I must, I feel I must,
Yet nothing's ever good enough!
"This is lacking, that's all wrong,
He did it better!" My faith is gone
In myself and my poor mind,
So stricken by my wretched find
Of weights and locks that I then used
To chain my thoughts down with abuse,
And now that it can barely think
I begin to cry and sink
Further down the rabbit hole
To pay the ferryman his toll.
:iconbowen13:bowen13 0 5

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